Hi, My name is Nick Kadomtzeff.

I have been a self-employed signwriter for over 30 years. I am a one man business based in Hastings and working in the surrounding areas. I also work in North and East London outside the congestion zone.

I specialise in lettering / sign design and hand-painted signs, as well as vinyl lettering and 23k gold / palladium leaf.

Coming from a professional design background I am aware of the importance of design, layout and kerning - often the things not understood by newer sign companies.

I offer high quality affordable signs /signwriting with the emphasis on getting the right design layout for you, the customer  from the outset - by providing a photographic preview of how it will all look in situ before any work starts. This gives you the assurance that you get the perfect sign every time.

So please look through my galleries and if you’d like to give me a call or send an email to discuss your requirements, I will respond quickly and hopefully do business with you.

                                  Many thanks


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